House Passes Webcaster Bill 

The bill allows webcasters to negotiate with the music industry for a royalty rate lower than that mandated by Congress last year.

College Radio Network Launches Internet Music Fest 

More than a dozen schools will participate in the online offering

Web 2.0 

Technologists busily reinventing the Web say radio stations can look forward to an Internet where it's much easier to collaborate, innovate, and manipulate data and software on a wide variety of Net-friendly devices.

Clean up the Audio 

Advancement of codec design has allowed lower bit-rates to be employed, and most codecs sound decent at these rates, but they are much more fragile with regards to distortion and susceptible to artifacts.

FCC's Martin: Free Broadband for Everyone 

Kevin Martin says there is a social obligation in making sure everyone can participate in the next generation of broadband services

KFLP-FM Uses Stream Guys and Barix for Syndication 

The West Texas Friday Night Scoreboard Show uses Stream Guys low-latency Internet distribution service with Barix audio-over-IP hardware devices to feed 35 affiliates in 33 markets

Entercom Portland Stations Launch on Flytunes 

By the end of August, Flytunes coverage will expand to include all of Entercom Portland's stations.

Streaming Audio 

If you aren't already streaming audio from your radio station, you probably will be soon. Streaming is a natural alternative to program delivery for radio

Streaming Royalties May Affect Terrestrial Radio 

In the last few months, two additional bills have been introduced that address the issue of performance fees for traditional radio, a target the recording industry has been after since the 1930s

Field Report: Audio Compass 1.0 

A new software application called Audio Compass makes remote radio broadcasts easy. Now we can produce shows wherever there’s high-speed connectivity and a PC. Audio Compass is a simple software application that turns a PC into an audio codec.

Content delivery options 

As a stand-alone medium, traditional broadcasting is subject to a multitude of restrictions as compared with other Internet-driven delivery platforms

Orban and Wowza Offering In-browser Radio Streaming 

Circuit Research Labs and Wowza Media Systems have introduced new capabilities that empower Web broadcasters to take advantage of the new MP4 and HE-AAC capabilities introduced in Adobe Flash Player 9.

New Delivery 

We live in a time when we must take a good look at the definition of radio. Why? Consider the story of a college sports fan who wanted to hear the radio broadcast of a recent football game, but wasn't near a radio. He used his cell phone to get online, navigate to the station that carried the football game broadcast, clicked on Listen Live, and heard the game. He wasn't listening to FM or AM signal propagation. He was listening to a digital audio stream, but wasn't it the same material that was heard over the air?

KPBS-FM Turns to Stream Guys During Wildfire Emergency 

KPBS-FM, an NPR member station serving the San Diego region, was knocked off the air on Oct. 23, 2007, when the Southern California wildfires destroyed power lines that fed its transmitter on Mount St. Miguel.

CBS Launches Free Wi-fi in Manhattan 

CBS has launched the CBS Mobile Zone, a free 36-block Wi-fi area in Midtown Manhattan. Coverage of the hotspot will ultimately range from Central Park South to 42nd Street between 8th Avenue and the Avenue of the Americas.

Webby Awards Seeking Best Radio Sites 

Last year, the BBC Radio 1 Site took home the top radio prize.

Liquid Compass to Provide Media Players for Internet Radio 

Liquid Compass is one of the first providers to offer a custom media player within the radio industry that utilizes Microsoft Silverlight technology to broadcast a live stream, while also using the cross-browser capabilities of Silverlight to rotate synchronized in-stream and banner advertisement content across multiple browsers and platforms

Jetcast Adds More Streaming Seminars 

The webinar provides a basic orientation to radio streaming and various strategies to consider.

Webcasting Day of Silence: June 26, 2007 

Webcasters are being asked to go silent on June 26 to protest the increased streaming royalty rates that are to be paid to Sound Exchange on July 15.

Sound Exchange Extends Offer to Small Webcasters 

Sound Exchange has offered to extend the terms of prior legislation known as the Small Webcaster Settlement Act (SWSA), with some minor modifications, to small webcasters through 2010.

Alternate Channels 

U.S. radio listenership is slipping while British listenership is increasing. What's the difference: technology.

Radio via Wimax 

Terrestrial and satellite broadcasters will feel the impact of Wimax within the next few years.

More effective podcasting 

Podcasts are easy to create, especially for radio stations. They provide an additional means to offer something unique to your listeners. Because they

Fraunhofer Introduces Surround Sound for Internet 

At Midem, a music and gaming convention held in Cannes, France, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits introduced a new MP3 surround streaming module that allows manufacturers to build Web radios featuring 5.1 surround sound.

New reporting rules for Internet streamers 

Since April 2004 Internet radio stations were supposed to be keeping detailed records about the songs they were playing. The problem was that the CRB had not specified what was to be done with those records...until now. What's worse is that the reporting requirement may completely kill Internet streaming altogether.

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