Jampro Adds Two New Antennas

Will introduce them to the European market at IBC 2015 September 8, 2015

AMSTERDAM— Jampro Antennas’ three-element Yagi antenna and a Band II folded dipole unit are the newest additions to Jampro’s wide range of antennas that are being shown alongside the company’s full line of products.

The new Jampro J3YF three-element FM Yagi antenna line (shown at right) is available in two models suitable for medium and high power FM stacked array accommodating bands from 87.5 – 108MHz. These directional antennas can be used in vertical or horizontal polarization to set up systems having directional, semi-directional and Omni directional diagrams. The units are produced from hot-galvanized steel and are delivered with pipe mounting for both horizontal and vertical polarization.

Jampro is also introducing the JFWD Band II Folded Dipole antenna. Available with one to eight bays, the JFWD has a frequency range of 88 – 108MHz with vertical polarization and maximum power of 300W.

“Jampro has worked hard to build a solid reputation for meeting the needs of every individual broadcaster,” said Jampro President Alex Perchevitch. “With that said, we are delighted to introduce our two new FM antennas to radio broadcasters that deliver economical, practical and high-quality solutions for the global market, along with our filters and combiners.”

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