Applied Technology

Applied Technology: Radio Studio Monitoring & Management 

Methods for examining the root cause of critical fault occurrences

Applied Technology: SDR in the Broadcast Environment 

Software Defined Radio as a tool in the broadcast plant

Applied Technology: Programmable Logic Controllers for Broadcast Engineers 

Dennis Sloatman provides a brief tutorial on programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in broadcast applications

Applied Technology: The New Face of Radio 

David Holland discusses the challenges of designing radio studios for video.

Applied Technology: Streaming with the MPEG HE-AAC Audio Codec 

There are several audio codecs in use for streaming but they vary significantly in their ability to provide and maintain reliable audio quality at low bit rates.

Applied Technology: Studio Design - the Furniture 

The first thing in the room shouldn't be the last thing you think about.

Applied Technology: HD Voice 

Telephones remain low-fidelity because of choices made by telco network engineers decades ago. But there is better technology available now.

Applied Technology: Wheatstone baseband192 

Wheatstone has its approach to providing a completely digital path from processor to transmitter.

Applied Technology: StreamOn Smooth Spots 

Ad insertion for an online stream doesn't need to be a train wreck of clipped audio segments.

Applied Technology: MPX-Direct: Digital Connectivity for FM 

A direct connection to a transmitter's baseband input using a standard AES3 connection can eliminate some technical problems and provide a fully digital STL path.

Applied Technology: Vycon Flywheel Systems 

Flywheel technology stores kinetic energy in a quiet, spinning disk to provide a reliable and predictable source of dc power that requires little maintenance.

Applied Technology: GSS Alert FM 

As broadcasters remain on the front lines of providing emergency information to their audiences, it is exciting for stations to be a part of the existing EAS, as well as new initiatives designed to provide a more comprehensive solution for emergency communication.

Multicast DHCP 

At the rate the radio industry is going, within 10 years the most common audio connection won't be an XLR but an Ethernet RJ-45.

Wegener Ipump 6420 

Wegener's intelligent, centralized, file-based workflow enables station groups to manage the delivery of unique program content from each affiliate, maintain a local identity and maximize ad revenue.

Kintronic Labs Kinstar 

The first field-installed Kinstar antenna system is in use at KCST-AM, Florence, OR.

Applied Technology: Broadcast Electronics The Radio Experience 

Datacasting, or messagecasting as we call it at BE, is simply the broadcasting of data, whether it's audio or a text message in the form of data

Applied Technology: Viero Web services 

Several years ago, a new technology called Web services began to make headway in software architecture. The technology leverages the same mechanisms used by Web browsers and Web servers to allow systems to more easily communicate and share data. Web services have proven extremely useful and are now considered to be mainstream software architecture

Applied Technology: Intraplex Netxpress 

Migrating from T1 circuits to an IP-based system is an adventure that, until recently, was not for the faint-hearted.

Applied Technology: MPEG Surround for HD Radio 

Stations are experimenting with a variety of ways to broadcast surround sound over the air, which could be a significant driver for the acceptance of HD Radio.

Applied Technology: Dielectric HDR Plus 

The most daunting task of IBOC has been how to combine the analog and digital signals in a cost-effective manner. Dielectric believes it has the answer.

Applied Technology: Digigram Exaudi 

Now that individual computers take care of all the tasks related to radio automation, the logical evolution is integration of audio transport for program contributions and distribution.

Navigauge IQ Monitor 

Navigauge's patent-pending technology collects data to develop radio ratings and track mobile behavior and consumer retail patterns.

An MPEG of a different color 

Low bit-rate audio coding is an enabling technology for a number of applications like digital radio, mobile multimedia applications and Internet streaming

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