Ibiquity Taps Atmel for Reference Design Microcontrollers

October 21, 2009

Atmel Corporation has announced that its AVR XMEGA and AVR32 product families have been selected by Ibiquity Digital for use in the company's HD Radio reference design platforms. Both the AVR XMEGA and AVR32 processor families are used in a number of HD Radio designs for user interface and control functions. Atmel's AVR32 32-bit microcontrollers provide processing power for MP3 decoding, USB connectivity, and Ipod docking applications.

The AVR XMEGA is an 8-/16-bit, high-performance microcontroller family that includes 12-bit A/Ds and D/As, various peripheral interfaces (USARTS, SPI, TWI), and an internal DMA (direct memory access). The AVR32 is available with both full- and high-speed USB OTG (On-the-Go) and Ethernet interfaces.

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