IBOC By State: Vermont (March 2013)

March 13, 2013

Ibiquity has a list of stations with licensed HD Radio technology and notes those on the air now. IBOC by state looks at various states and lists the stations making the transition. There are five stations in the Green Mountain State broadcasting 11 HD Radio channels.

MarketCallsHD1 FormatHD2 FormatHD3 FormatLicensee
BenningtonWBTN-FM 94.3NPR/ News/ InfoClassicalBBC WorldVermont Public Radio
BrattleboroWVBA-FM 88.9NPR/ News/ InfoClassicalBBCVermont Public Radio
Montpelier-Barre-St JohnsburyWCMD-FM 89.9ChristianWAY-FM-Christian Ministries
Montpelier-Barre-St JohnsburyWVPA-FM 88.5NPR/ News/ InfoClassical-Vermont Public Radio
Montpelier-Barre-St JohnsburyWVTI-FM 106.9Classical--Vermont Public Radio

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