Norwegians Aware of, Listening to More New Digital Radio Content

But overall listenership is down November 13, 2017

OSLO — As of September, 1.4 million Norwegian radio listeners are now aware of new radio offerings which were not available without DAB+. These new stations now account for nearly a third of total radio listening, according to figures from Kantar Media, as reported by

Smaller stations are growing at the expense of the larger ones — but Digital Radio Norway Managing Director Ole Jørgen Torvmark says NRK, P4 and Radio Norway want it that way. “It is good for both listeners and Norwegian radio companies that more people find new favorite channels,” Torvmark was quoted in the article.

Unfortunately, year over year, radio usage has slipped in Norway by about 10%, according to, even with Radio Norway and P4 still broadcasting via FM in central/eastern Norway. Both will cease FM transmission there next month. NRK has lost 20% of its listeners with respect to the same week last year, according to measurements by Kantar.

Local radio is not measured in these numbers, but according to “other official numbers” many local radio stations are experiencing a “formidable increase in their listening numbers,” according to 


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