TuneTracker Systems Releases SignalCaster Remote Broadcast Software

SignalCaster Mobile runs on an iPad and transmits audio over Wi-Fi or cellular data connection December 29, 2016

GREEN BAY, Wis. —  TuneTracker Systems has released a new remote broadcasting product. The company says its SignalCaster line reduces “bulk, complication and expense” for stations doing on-location broadcasts.

This is how it works: SignalCaster Mobile runs on an iPad and transmits audio over Wi-Fi or cellular data connection, the release explains. SignalCaster Tower runs on a Windows computer at the station, and is left in standby mode. To begin broadcasting on-location, the announcer launches SignalCaster Mobile and taps the “start” button. Back at the station, SignalCaster Tower begins receiving the audio signal, which is immediately available for broadcast through a control console or a radio automation input. 

SignalCaster is available on its own and is functional with just an iPad’s built-in microphone, but it is also offered in two hardware bundles, SignalCaster Solo and SignalCaster Duet.

The Solo — intended for single-announcer remotes — comes with a broadcast-quality desk microphone, adapter, non-skid iPad kickstand, and a carrying case with padded compartments. The desk mic’s tripod stand collapses to allow it to be hand-held during interviews. 

The Duet version (for an announcer and a guest) offers a dual-input mixer with monitoring. Either mixer input can also be fed balanced line audio from an external source such as a PA system. The Duet package also comes with a carrying case that will hold mixer, iPad and more.

All the products and packages are available now and can be ordered online.

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