Inovonics Announces 639 FM/HD-Radio Monitor/Receiver

Replaces the 632 model September 1, 2016

FELTON, Calif.—Inovonics is readying the new INOmini 639 FM/HD-Radio Monitor/Receiver, replacing the previous 632 model.

Inovonics will transition to the 639 throughout September, with the 632 no longer available for sale at the end of the month; the company will still offer repair services to the 632, however.
The new 639 model features simultaneous RDS and HD PAD data logging via USB and Windows software; improved FM RDS decoding; independently adjustable analog/AES output levels; adjustable alarm thresholds for low signals, audio loss and output polarity; additional signal metrics for SNR, multipath and HD level; displays available HD programs; and displays additional HD PAD data.
The new model is field upgradeable for firmware updates via USB.
Pre-orders are now being accepted.

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