Enco Systems HotShot

June 1, 2010

Instant audio playback package
HotShot is an instant audio playback package with a full-screen interface. It can be used with a mouse, touchscreen or the custom-designed HotShot button pad, and has eight banks of 84 buttons. Its control surface is pre-labeled with color-coded letters making it easy to correlate buttons with audio. Bank buttons light up to show which bank is in use. It is capable of playing as many as four streams each from four outputs for a total of 16 audio files playing at the same time. Outputs are assignable by column and displayed on the screen. It supports dragging audio files directly from any folder of a PC: local drive, thumb drive, CD/DVD, portable hard drive or network drive. HotShot even supports an autodetect mode that can preload banks with audio files found on any inserted media.

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