Mayah Comms Introduces Centauri 5000

November 10, 2014

MUNICH— Mayah Communications will introduce the Centauri 5000 during the 28th Tonmeistertagung, held November 23.

Mayah's newest codec system features new interfaces and up to 60 bi-directionally codable audio channels. The audio channels can then be converted on the fly to BWF files and stored internally, plus optionally provided for further processing on a MAM or PMS system. The 5000 is Mayah's gateway to customer workflow driven solutions, which will take a role in additional fields, complementary to the classic C10 and C12 devices.

“The 5000 stands for our highly complex archive of over 20 years of broadcast experience, allowing customers to customize their workflows and streamline their budgets,” Mayah CEO Detlef Wiese. “First adopters are already using the 5000 for most highly diverse and flexible deployments. We have broadcast-quality-answering-machine like use cases, providing telephone recordings for bi-directional call traffic. At the same time calls can additionally be routed to the studios via MADI I/O. Or in another case inbound audio is received via ISDN Primary rate I/O and then gatewayed outbound to studios via Axia Livewire.”

Besides its classic 19" and half 19" audio codecs C10 and 12, Mayah will be showing a new concept for mobile data transmission, consisting of an iPad and Audio hardware.

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