Narda Safety Test Solutions Releases Signal Guide

Database contains typical measurement result images for many RF Signals December 4, 2015

PFULLINGEN, GERMANY—Narda Safety Test Solutions has released its Signal Guide database, which contains typical measurement result images for many RF signals, for use free of charge. This will allow users to compare their own results with the database images to distinguish pure signals from interference and impairments.

Example of a spectogram available on the Signal Guide database

Many different services share frequency bands that overlap to some degree and can potentially impair each other or provide unintentional or intentional interference. With the Signal Guide, you can access a collection of time characteristics, spectrums and spectrograms to compare with a pure signal. The database features categories like RF services or modulation types; the image can also be displayed in a gallery view. The database also features an annex that details how results images were obtained.

To access the Signal Guide, visit

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