Altinex Cable-Nook, Cable-Nook Jr.

June 21, 2012

Tabletop interconnect packages
These interconnect packages are designed for installation into a table and provide a means of connecting audio, video, and other multimedia sources into a presentation system. The Cable-Nook Jr. includes the CNK261, CNK271, and CNK361 packages as well as the larger CNK260 Cable-Nook interconnect box. Each Cable-Nook Jr. or Cable-Nook interconnect package installs into a tableíssurface and includes a dual ac power plate and a set of retaining grommets (two holes in Cable-Nook Jr. models, six holes in standard Cable-Nook CNK260). The retaining grommet sets contain the plates, nylon bushings, and cover caps to securely position the various cables.

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