Crenlo Enclosure Accessories

February 10, 2011

Crenlo rack blower

Power, airflow, lighting accessories

These power, airflow and lighting accessories for enclosure products, include a power distribution unit (PDU), a rack-mounted blower and a lineup of new rack lighting configurations. The accessories are available for integration into Crenlo's standard lineup of Emcor enclosures and custom enclosure solutions. They can also be used with a customer's existing enclosures, consoles and racks. The high-current PDU offers 30A of power distribution at 120V with a dual-circuit design and a total of 24 outlets. The blower utilizes 2RU and provides 250 CFM of airflow at 60Hz. Rack-mounted lights utilize 1RU and provide illumination for an entire rack of electronic equipment, enabling the user to adjust illumination by dimmer switch while performing service to electronics. Lamp sets provide lighting on a specific area within a rack, without taking up any rack space.

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