Mine that Light

March 1, 2010

Tech Tips, March 2010

Mine that light

Light Mine

Working in tight spaces with low light is no fun. I found a handy device to shed some light on the task. It's called a Light Mine from Striker Tools. I found it at Radio Shack, but other retailers sell them as well.

This LED light has 12 magnets placed around its slightly smaller-than-a-golf-ball sphere. It can be positioned to throw light at nearly any angle. The light costs about $6 and operates on three button-cell batteries. While there are no instructions on how to replace the batteries, there are two tabs that can be pressed to open the light. Although for the inexpensive price it's just as easy to buy a new one — albeit not as friendly on the environment.

For such a small size and a single LED, the device produces a very bright light. I have used mine in a dim rack to throw light just where I needed it by letting the magnets hold it on the rack or the chassis of equipment.

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