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September 1, 2004

Do you remember?

With the active interest in on-air indecency, we looked through the archives and found an early entrant in the solid-state profanity delay arena.

In 1982, the Comex Systems Bleepmate 675 profanity delay provided six seconds of 7.5kHz bandwidth delay. The unity-gain device offered 72dB of dynamic range and selectable three-second or six-second delay modes. The unit was designed for conventional rack mounting and required 2RU. Distortion was less than one percent THD at 0dBm output with a maximum output of +12dBm and a frequency response maintained within +/-1dB out of 5kHz with the -3dB point at 7.5kHz.

That was then

In this 1955 photo, Dick Brewer of WLDB-AM 1490 in Atlantic City, NJ, reads a commercial using an RCA 77-DX mic feeding an RCA BC-2B Consolette console. The WLDB studio was located on the 11th floor of the Senator Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ.

Featured in a 1955 article in the RCA Broadcast News, the station was outfitted almost completely with RCA equipment.

The RCA BC-2B Consolette was designed for use in small stations. One outstanding feature of the console was the mic preamps, which RCA used in other equipment. The tube preamp is still admired for its tonal qualities. The Consolette had eight pots and a master level control.

Sample and Hold

70 percent of media users consume more than one medium at a time.

While listening to radio:

  • 53.7% are online
  • 46.9% are reading a newspaper
  • 17.7% are watching TV


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