FCC tackles EEO for a third time 

The new rules require broadcasters to disseminate notice of full-time job vacancies and to participate in a specified number of recruitment activities.

Digital radio launched 

In October the Commission announced procedures that allow AM and FM stations to immediately begin interim IBOC digital transmissions on a voluntary basis.

Be an effective record keeper 

Avoid the endless reams of paper and consolidate your records.

Radio renewal cycle approaches 

Within the next year, station licenses will begin to come up for renewal.

FCC clamps down on Longley-Rice 

Longley-Rice is commonly used when the standard prediction method shows a shortfall in city-grade coverage.

Need for EEO rules explored 

In June, the Commission held an en banc hearing on the need for new broadcast and cable equal employment opportunity (EEO) rules.

Payola controversy heats up 

For decades payola has been a sleeper, with radio station owners vaguely recalling the scandals involving Alan Freed in the early days of rock n' roll. Now Congress is getting numerous requests to take a closer look.

Broadcast auxiliary purge 

In May the FCC announced that it is purging its files of 9,000 or more unidentified broadcast auxiliary licenses, including microwave STL facilities, remote pick-ups and inter-city relay stations.

DAB update 

The Commission is on the verge of approving the Ibiquity standard, but serious questions still exist as to the value of the system to broadcasters and whether a full-time AM system will ever work.

EAS rules updated 

The FCC has made several changes to its rules governing the nation's Emergency Alert System (EAS).

Unattended Operation - FAQ 

Click here to read more: www.fcc.gov/mb/audio/bickel/noonehome.html

Renewal cycle begins in 12 months 

Now is the time to begin making preparations for the renewal process.

New Standards for Towers Near Historic Sites 

Broadcasters who propose to locate their antennas on new towers near historic sites will face greater scrutiny to determine the environmental impact of their towers.

EEO: round three 

Having failed twice to convince a federal appeals court that the FCC's equal employment opportunity rules are constitutional, the Commission is again wading into the rip tide of EEO.

Local ownership rules in play 

The FCC is expanding its pending radio multiple ownership rulemaking proceeding to include a comprehensive examination of all aspects of the FCC's local ownership rules.

Class C-0 FM implementation 

In November 2000 the Commission created a new FM channel classification to join Classes A, B, B1, C, C1, C2 and C3. Use of the new class - Class C-0 (C-Zero) - permits upgrades of existing stations and new allocations based on the reduced spacing protections, which will apply when Class C stations are converted to Class C-0.

Mass Media Bureau out 

As part of Chairman Powell's efforts to reform the FCC, the Mass Media Bureau, which handles all radio and television matters, will be merged into the Cable Services Bureau, which handles all cable matters, to form a new Media Bureau.

FCC's Mass Media Bureau Going Out 

The Mass Media Bureau, which currently handles all radio and television matters, will be merged into the Cable Services Bureau, which currently handles all cable matters, to form a new Media Bureau.

Webcasters must pay royalties 

In another victory for the record companies, the United States District Court in Philadelphia has affirmed the Copyright Office's December 2000 ruling holding that AM/FM broadcasters simultaneously streaming their signals on the Internet are responsible for royalty payments to ACSAP, BMI, and SESAC, and to record companies.

Noncommercial applicants to avoid auctions 

Concluding that “inartful drafting is not the same as ambiguity,” the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit found in favor of National Public Radio in an appeal from the Commission's prior determination that noncommercial educational (NCE) stations would be required to take part in an auction if they decided to file for non-reserved (commercial) frequencies.

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