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September 1, 2005

Portable PA system
Mipro MA-707: Features of this system are its integrated 70W amplifier, a full-range 8" loudspeaker and built-in dual intelligent rechargeable gel cell batteries (five hours of continuous usage). The system offers an intelligent dual-bay NiMH battery charger for optional M8-20 transmitter batteries and an integrated mixer. The PA offers a luggage-pull design with retractable handle and bottom wheels as well as two built-in storage compartments. Other features include optional VHF or UHF diversity receiver plug-in modules, an optional auto-reverse cassette player and recorder module an optional CD player module, 100 to 265Vac auto-switching ac power supply. It weighs 28lbs. when fully loaded.
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Docking station with built-in audio, video
Universal Docking Station: This mobile computing USB-based docking station offers stereo audio out and two always-on USB ports, allowing users to power peripheral devices such as phones and MP3 players while the laptop is in standby or shut-down mode. Docking a laptop is easy for users of multiple laptop models because it requires only a USB connection. The docking station includes four high-speed USB 2.0 ports, a video monitor port, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, a serial port, a stereo audio out jack and a microphone audio in jack. The One Touch feature minimizes the time users need to prepare their work area and can function with any notebook platform with a USB 2.0 port.
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Lighted keyboard
Zippy Technology
EL-620: This lighted keyboard provides a real brushed aluminum upper case, built-in Internet hot keys, and full IC-controlled inverter technology that prolongs lamp life and enhances brightness. The keyboard's scissor-type key structure produces smooth, tactile and quiet key strokes. The keyboard is spill and splash proof and is fully compatible with Windows 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP. Its dimensions are 303mm x 163mm x 22mm and its cable length is 1.5 meters. It offers a USB interface only. Its power consumption is 5Vdc at 100mA max.
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LED/Xenon flashlight
A2 Aviator: This flashlight is useful for anyone needing a high and low beam in a single long-running flashlight. Constructed of aerospace grade aluminum with a military specification hard-anodized finish and powered by two lithium batteries (10-year shelf life), the 5.6", four-ounce flashlight features a high-output incandescent lamp surrounded by three LEDs set in a specially designed parabolic reflector. The LEDs are available in five color choices: white, red, blue, green and yellow-green. The flashlight uses two lithium 123A 3V batteries with 10-year shelf life (included). The Surefire MA02 high-output incandescent lamp produces 50 lumens of white light for 60 minutes — three LEDs producing three lumens max output for 15 hours, followed by more than 30 hours of minimal output.
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Five-outlet power multiplier
Power Sentry
Powersquid: This five outlet power multiplier converts one grounded outlet to five grounded adapter-ready outlets. It provides a yellow-lighted master switch with 15A circuit breaker and 4' 14/3 power cord.
fax 763-557-8868


Mic mute switch
Proco Sound
Cough Drop Sign Off: A mic mute switch, this product features a sloped top panel that allows easy access to the switch for foot or hand operation; a sturdy 16-gauge steel and extruded polyvinyl chloride enclosure; and a passive design that requires no batteries or phantom power to operate. It connects with standard mic cables. Because it is passive, it can be used with mic or line-level signals.
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Medis Technology
Power Pack: This nine-ounce disposable charger is a 1/3W device with a streamlined fuel cell that converts chemical energy into electricity. Although fuel cells pack more power than batteries, most run on methanol — a highly volatile liquid. This charger uses a mixture of glycerol and sodium borohydride as fuel. It is non-explosive and doesn't require a complicated membrane to force a reaction. Once activated, it draws in air at the cathode to create hydroxide ions. These ions travel through an electrolyte to the anode. There they react with sodium borohydride to create a current. When the electrons hit the cathode, they mix with oxygen to create more hydroxide ions.
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