ESPM Builds Broadcast Center in São Paulo

Classroom/production center provides students new access to production/broadcast activity September 10, 2015

SAO PAULO—ESPM, a communications institute in São Paulo, has unveiled its new Broadcast Center on its journalism campus. The elliptical, six-station “teaching island” provides students with full visual access to all production/broadcast activity. The goal of the new environment, according to ESPM, is to have students participate as workers and observers.

Walters-Storyk Design Group began designing the new broadcast center back in 2011. It features production and broadcast studios, office spaces, and meeting/conference rooms. One unique feature in the design is the room-within-room studio construction. With the studio situated above and below active classrooms the design allowed sound from inside the studio to be isolated and exclude external sound from entering.

“Both the faculty and the student body are pleased with our new broadcast education center,” said Luiz Fernando D. Garcia, general director of graduation with ESPM, who also oversaw the project. “We are confident that it will enable ESPM to provide this growing industry with a new generation of highly qualified and enthusiastic creative production personnel.”

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