Livio's NPR Radio Streamlines the Public Radio Experience

October 21, 2009

Livio NPR Radio

Calling it a new way to bring public radio content to more people in more places, NPR is promoting a new Wi-fi Internet radio featuring an exclusive menu dedicated to NPR stations, programming, and podcasts.

The NPR Radio by Livio promises its users:

  • Access to more than 1,000 NPR station streams, more than 800 podcasts and audio archives of NPR programs.
  • Presets for favorite NPR stations with a convenient "my NPR" button on the front of the device.
  • Access to a comprehensive list of more than 16,000 validated Internet radio stations from around the world through Reciva, in addition the NPR stations and content
  • Searchable content via genre, locations or keywords

    Available from the NPR Shop at a $199 price point, this latest piece of online digital delivery technology is bound to get the attention of older hardcore public radio listeners eagerly awaiting the convenience and choice that on-demand and real-time streaming content offer.

    It's also likely to give pause to NPR member station managers, as they contemplate how on-demand delivery of network content via tabletop and (eventually) in-dash broadband devices may impact future listening patterns in their community.

    Livio is promoting the new product, not yet shipping, with a pledge to donate a portion of each sale to NPR.

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