45 Percent of UK New Cars Come with DAB as Standard Equipment

April 13, 2014

Apr 10, 2014 - New car sales throughout the U.K. in March were the highest in 10 years, and information released by CAP and the SMMT show that in the first quarter of this year that 45.2 percent of new vehicles came with DAB radios as standard equipment.

In March 2014, 45.5 percent of new car registrations had DAB as standard (212,000), up 41 percent from March 2013 (144,000). In March overall car sales were 464k with March and September being the biggest months in the year for new car registrations.

This growth reflects the on-going support for DAB from vehicle manufacturers, according to getdigitalradio.com. The pacing in growth also means that the majority of new cars will come with DAB radios as standard equipment sometime in the second half of the year.

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