Absolute Radio Publishes Update to Streaming App

July 7, 2014

London (July 3, 2014)—The UK''s Absolute Radio has published the 7th generation of its mobile app, according to thedrum.com. The newest version is ‘optimized'' for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. One of the new features is ‘on-stream ad functionality'' which allows users that have registered to receive advertising that is relevant to their age, demographic, and location. The trade-off is more music in place of irrelevant ads.

The new version of the player incorporates an in-car DAB mode that ‘allows drivers to choose stations and tag content without taking their eyes off the road'' according to the same article.

Other functionality includes a ‘timeline'' mode which restricts songs to those you''ve already heard; a ‘night mode'' with built-in timer; AirPlay for streaming to compatible speakers; and, a radio Alarm Clock which goes off playing one of Absolute''s seven stations.

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