Acoustical Solutions Adds Additional Primacoustic London Room Kits Sizes

June 13, 2011

Richmond, VA - Jun 09, 2011 - Acoustical Solutions has made available three new Primacoustic London Room Kits. The London 8, London 10 and London 16 room kits join the London 12 as prepackaged studio noise control systems.

Each London Room Kit follows a variant of the LEDE concept (live-end, dead-end) whereby the source or transmit section of the room has greater dampening while the receive section is sparsely treated in effort to retain natural room ambiance. All kits include impalers, wall anchors, screws and a drill bit.

The London 8 is suitable for rooms less than 100 sq. ft. The London 10 is suitable for rooms approximately 100 sq. ft. The London 12 is designed for rooms approximately 150 sq. ft. The London 16 is for rooms greater than 150 sq ft.

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