AlanDick Broadcast Debuts Low Power Mask Filter Combiner

August 25, 2014

GLOUCERSTERSHIRE, ENGLAND— AlanDick Broadcast Ltd. will launch a low power mask filter combiner at IBC.

The unit, the ADB-CEC DAB/DMB Mask Filter, joins the radio frequency components and antennas designer/manufacturer''s other DAB-focused products and UHF and FM units and towers.

ADBL¹s 6 or 8 section DAB / DMB Mask Filter, is designed to provide superior performance at an affordable price. Cross-coupling creates steep rejection skirts, and the high-Q aluminum cavities provide low passband insertion loss in a compact package.

In addition to the combiner, ADBL''s other featured DAB solutions include the shared aperture FM Crossbow and FM Spearhead antennas. Both antennas were designed to provide economic and space efficient solutions.

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