Ando Media Completes Targeted Audience Survey for Clear Channel Radio

June 11, 2009

Quincy, MA - Jun 8, 2009 -In partnership with Clear Channel Radio, Ando Media has completed a comprehensive radio listener survey. Advertisers will be able to use the survey data to engage customers more precisely. This capability, coined the Demographic Lab, enables stations and advertisers to know exactly who is listening online and engage these very specific audiences with targeted advertisements. The goal is for listeners to enjoy more intelligent and relevant ads based on their responses to the survey.

The Demographic Lab, a joint development between the organizations, launched nationally across all 750 stations in Clear Channel markets. Listeners participated by clicking the Listen Live button and were given the opportunity at the player level to opt into the survey. More than 50 percent of listeners asked to contribute opted into the survey. Participating stations could then log into their Ando Webcast Metrics console and access the Demographics Lab for a real-time snapshot of key demographic information for their station.

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