APT Updates WorldCast Equinox

February 9, 2011

WorldCast Systems' APT has made new features available for its WorldCast Equinox IP audio codec. New features include:

  • Dual IP ports for separate streaming and control
  • EBU N/ACIP compliant with support for SIP
  • Audio back-up from SD card
  • Multi-algorithm: MPEG Layer II & Layer III, G.711, G.722, MPEG 4 AAC HEv1/HEv2, MPEG 4 AAC LD/ELD
  • Support for unicast and multicast configurations
  • Embedded Web server
  • Low-latency broadcast audio with enhanced apt-X and Linear PCM
  • SNMP control
  • Intuitive codec management software
  • Transparent transport of 16-, 20- and 24-bit payload of AES3 streams including Dolby E
  • Inbuilt Scripteasy software from Audemat enables remote facility control
  • Forward error correction
  • Embedded auxiliary data for RDS or PAD transmission
  • Scripteasy EasyLink enables control of serial and legacy equipment at off-site location
  • Sophisticated management of IP parameters

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