Arbitron Expands Radio Advisory Council

February 23, 2010

Columbia, MD - Feb 22, 2010 - Arbitron is expanding and enhancing its Arbitron Radio Advisory Council. The Arbitron Radio Advisory Council will add new positions for network radio, digital radio and public radio and expanded representation for diary markets, and urban and Spanish language broadcasters. The meetings are expected to include regular joint sessions with Arbitron's Advertiser/Agency Council and dedicated tracks to solicit customer feedback on issues specific to Portable People Meter and diary markets.

Arbitron is adding new Council representatives to reflect a more diverse group of customers and the changing radio landscape:

  • One seat each added for network radio, digital radio and public radio
  • Four additional slots for diary markets to place greater focus on mid-sized and smaller markets
  • Urban and Spanish Language representatives expanded from one to two seats each

    Arbitron also plans several enhancements intended to make the meetings more productive.

  • Dedicated tracks for PPM and diary added to concentrate on issues and priorities specific to the needs of customers in those markets
  • Regular joint sessions between the Radio and Agency/Advertiser Councils to encourage dialog between buyers and sellers
  • More open, interactive and positive dialogue centered on improving communication and enhancing industry partnership

    All current and recently-elected members of the Advisory Council will continue with their terms and Arbitron is inviting respected industry representatives to fill the newly created seats. The Spring 2010 Radio Advisory Council meeting will be held May 11-12 in Annapolis, MD. The Fall 2010 dates and venue are being planned now.

    The Arbitron Radio Advisory Council was founded more than 30 years ago to provide client feedback and advice to Arbitron. Over the years, the Council has encouraged Arbitron to introduce several service and quality improvements including increases in diary and PPM sample sizes, implementation of cell phone sampling, and the introduction of sample quality benchmarks.

    The Council's mission is to provide a forum for industry leaders to inform Arbitron's senior management about the priorities, key business drivers and issues that are important to radio and advertising customers; Provide feedback about how Arbitron's services and policies can be better aligned with customer needs; Advise how Arbitron can enhance its communication and partnership initiatives; and Review and discuss the implications of services, policies or methods that may impact its customers.

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