Audemat RDS Encoders Add Easy RT+

April 5, 2010

Miami - Apr 6, 2010 - Audemat has updated its support for the RDS RT+ radio text functionality and iTunes tagging on the company's flagship FMB80 encoder and Radio All In One range. Activating RT+ (Radiotext Plus) on an Audemat RDS encoder enables a user to interactively engage with listeners and the audience to actively respond to the information displayed. Listeners with suitably equipped receivers can use the text display to initiate more than 60 actions such as connecting to a Web address, calling a phone number and voting by SMS.

The latest update on the Audemat RDS encoder range provides improved support for the RT+ standard by enabling the use of ASCII commands for quick configuration. In addition, Audemat RDS encoders also implement Apple iTunes tagging.

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