Audio Precision Sets High-speed Test Benchmark

November 18, 2010

Beaverton, OR - Nov 9, 2010 - Audio Precision has released a new multitone analyzer that returns 19 audio measurements in 1.2 seconds. The multitone analyzer is available in the upcoming release of APx500 v 2.7.

The new APx multitone analyzer returns the following results in graphic or tabular data form: Level, TD+N (total harmonic distortion and intermodulation distortion plus noise), noise density spectrum, gain, TD+N spectrum, noise RMS level, relative level, crosstalk, signal-to-noise ratio, deviation, crosstalk at tone, DC level, phase, total RMS level, frequency shift, phase at tone, RMS level at tone, FFT spectrum, TD+N ratio, and maximum level at tone. Speeds of 1.2 seconds are attainable using the APx API (application programming interface). When the APx graphic UI is controlling the APx, speeds are closer to 2.5 seconds for 19 results.

The new APx v2.7 software powers all APx analyzers, including the new APx515 production test audio analyzer, the APx525 high performance audio analyzer and the APx585 multichannel audio analyzer.

APx500 v2.7 is a free update for all APx users. It will be available for download in mid-December 2010 from

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