Audiovox Intros New Line of Table-top and Portable HD Radio Receivers

January 24, 2012

Hauppauge, NY - Jan 9, 2012 - Audiovox Electronics announced the introduction of the company's first line-up of HD Radio-enabled home and portable products that will be marketed under both the Audiovox and Acoustic Research brands.

Acoustic Research will introduce two table top units: the iHD-TR01 and the iHD-TR02. The iHD-TR01, with an MSRP of $149.99, features an iPhone/iPod Dock, iTunes tagging, and a tray loading CD player. The iHD-TR02 is a derivative model with an MSRP of $99.99.

The Audiovox brand will have the iHD-A01, with an iPad/iPhone/iPad docking speaker system, with HD Radio/FM sStereo, and iTunes tagging. It will have an MSRP of $79.99. Additionally from Audiovox is the iHD-BB01, an HD Radio/FM stereo boom box, including a top-load CD player and iTunes tagging. It's MSRP is $129.99.

Also from Audiovox are two new HD Radio Portable Players: the iHD-P01, with an MSRP of $59.99. The iHD-P02 is the step-up model and includes the Artist Experience feature. The MSRP for the iHD-P02 is $79.99.

The Acoustic Research and Audiovox-branded HD Radio products will be supported nationally with a consumer marketing campaign in conjunction with the HD Radio Digital Alliance that is designed to raise consumer awareness to HD Radio technology. A variety of marketing techniques are planned, including national radio, Internet and promotional events.

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