Axia Ships Livewire SIM Card

October 17, 2011

Cleveland - Oct 14, 2011 - Axia Audio is now shipping Livewire SIM modules, which are plug-in boards that allow equipment manufacturers to add Livewire connectivity to their products. Earlier this year, Axia announced the Livewire Limitless License (L3), a one-time $500 license fee that entitles any audio equipment company to build Livewire into an unlimited number of devices. Partners may now purchase the Livewire SIM, a Livewire interface on a compact pluggable module.

"Under the Livewire Limitless License, we are publishing our designs and source code, and sharing development information with our partners using the information gateway at," says Michael Dosch, president of Axia Audio.

The Livewire SIM is a 72-pin single inline module that measures 4.55" x 2.2". It fits Dolby-E type slots and supports standard Dolby input-dominant and output-dominant I/O modes as well as 8x stereo-channel TDM.

Each Livewire SIM has a capacity of eight channels of bi-directional stereo I/O via a single Ethernet connector, an embedded Web server for configuration, and an internal clock. The cards operate at a 48kHz sample rate, but also contain SRCs for compatibility with other sampling rates. A test fixture for evaluation and development is also available to L3 partners.

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