Bavaria Radio continues to expand the reach of its DAB+ network

June 25, 2014

Munich (June 24, 2014)-- Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavaria Radio) will launch a new DAB+ multiplex on the first of July from the 1686 meter high Laber in Oberammergau.

The addition of Oberammergau on channel 11D will mean that Bavaria Radio will have 23 digital stations available throughout Bavaria. 93% of the highways are already covered, along with 89% of the population. About 2/3 of all Bavarians can receive DAB+ indoors (using an antenna on their DAB+ radio). Still, BR is adding another 13 transmit locations this year as they continue to expand throughout the region.

In the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen the complete package of the Bavarian Radio is available on DAB+: Bayern plus, B5 plus, Bavaria 2 plus, BR traffic, the youth station PULSE and the five FM stations Bavaria 1, Bavaria 2, BAYERN 3, BR-Klassik and B5-date with their regional programs.

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