BBC, DRUK Sponsor Long-term Ad Campaign for DAB

December 5, 2011

London - Dec 3, 2011 - The first airing of a new advertising campaign to promote DAB started today. The US$15 million campaign, developed by Digital Radio UK and the BBC, with agency Y&R/RKCR, is the start of a two-year drive to increase digital listening. The campaign will run on BBC TV and radio stations, commercial radio groups, newspapers The Guardian and Observer, Bauer magazines and online.

The radio spots that started Dec. 3, 2011, will be followed by the first of two TV flights Dec. 6. The campaign uses the tagline, "If you love radio, let it live" voiced by "Life on Mars" actor John Simm.

The first press ad launches on Dec. 10. The creative focuses on how digital radio brings radio to life for listeners by providing additional stations, ease of tuning, track and artist listing and availability across all digital platforms.

The Let it Live campaign will be sustained through 2012 with three major phases of activity in spring, summer (focusing on the Olympics, the Euros and festivals) and Christmas.

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