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July 1, 2001

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29th SBE Central New York Regional Convention

SYRACUSE, NY — Jul 12, 2001 — Chapter 22 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers will sponsor the Central New York Regional Convention on Thursday, September 13, 2001 at the Turning Stone Casino Resort Convention Center, 800-771-7711 (ask about special room rates for SBE), located at exit 33 of the New York State Thruway (Interstate 90), 20 minutes east of Syracuse. This will be the 29th consecutive edition of the original SBE Regional Convention.

The convention features the largest regularly scheduled display of state-of-the-art production, video, audio and editing equipment in the Northeast. Manufacturers, distributors and representatives will be displaying the latest in broadcast and production gear, much of it digital and high-definition. There will also be presentations of technical papers in adjacent meeting rooms.

This year, the Society of Broadcast Engineers National Meeting will be held at the Turning Stone, in conjunction with the Regional Convention. Admission to all convention activities is free (small fee for SBE National Awards dinner following reception).

Visit the convention link on the Chapter 22 website at to register and sign up for the special events.

US Renews Balkan Contract With WRN

WASHINGTON — Jul 10, 2001 — The U.S. Government's International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) recently renewed its contract with World Radio Network (WRN) to transmit a news and information service to the Balkan region via one of the pan-European Astra satellites.

When the Bosnian government closed private media outlets during the conflict in the late 1990's, IBB increased its broadcasts to the territories of the former Yugoslavia, particularly communities in Kosovo, Serbia and Albania, in order to provide the population with reliable news. A dedicated IBB Balkan channel was established, broadcasting across the region in English, Croatian, Serbian and Albanian. Programming was, and continues to be, taken from the Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL).

The news content originates from VOA's studios in Washington, DC, and RFE/RL's studios in Prague, Czech Republic. It is then transmitted to WRN in London via the company's Atlantic Crossing fibre optic circuit and, until recently, was up-linked to the Astra 1c analog satellite.

In June this year, IBB renewed its contract with WRN and asked the company to arrange a frequency change for the Balkan service to a new analog channel broadcasting on Astra 1B, Transponder 27, audio subcarrier 7.56MHz. The International Broadcasting Bureau is the umbrella organization that administers U.S. Government-funded civilian international broadcasts including the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

CFA Tests in UK Postponed

Jul 09, 2001 — After a long wait to make efficiency tests on a Crossed Field Antenna (CFA) in the United Kingdom with transmitter power and field strength measurements by U.S. engineers, the proponents of the CFA were unable to put the antenna into operational condition prior to the time the tests were originally scheduled in early June. As of this writing, no known U.S.-sponsored tests have taken place. Presumably the tests will be rescheduled.

U.S. broadcast engineers have had their suspicions aroused by the CFA, which the inventor claims will emit signals with the efficiency of a much taller antenna, such as a quarter wavelength vertical used in the AM broadcast band. Trouble is, very short antennas, like the CFA, have traditionally been very poor radiators.

Arbitron To Measure Mexico City

NEW YORK CITY — Jul 05, 2001 — Arbitron announced that, beginning September 2001, it will conduct syndicated radio audience measurement services for Mexico City broadcasters, advertisers and agencies. The Mexico City radio ratings service will be the first syndicated radio measurement conducted by Arbitron outside the United States.

Broadcasters that have signed long-term commitments include Grupo ACIR, Imagen Telecomunicaciones, MVS Radio, Nucleo Radio Mil, and Organizacion Radio Formula. These broadcasters operate 23 stations in Mexico City and the Valley of Mexico. Advertising agencies and media buying services that have signed contracts or letters of intent include BBDO - OMD, Control Media, FCB Worldwide, Initiative Media, Leo Burnett - Starcom, McCann Universal, Media Planning México, and Mindshare. These agencies account for more than two-thirds of radio ad spending in the Mexico City radio market.

Each quarter, beginning in September 2001, Arbitron will use a Spanish-language version of a standard seven-day radio diary to survey the radio listening behavior and key socio-economic characteristics of approximately 4,800 Mexico City residents, age 12 and older. In-person interviewers will place the diaries at the households selected to participate in the survey and later retrieve the diaries at the end of the survey week (This differs from Arbitron's practice in the United States that uses telephone interviewers to recruit survey participants and the U.S. mail to place and later retrieve diaries for processing).

Collected Mexico City diaries will be shipped to Arbitron's Columbia Research and Technology Center for processing and tabulation using the company's existing processing infrastructure, which has been adapted to handle the Mexico City diaries.

Arbitron successfully tested the feasibility of adapting its standard diary method and processing procedures in October 1998 and again in September 2000. The first data from the Fall 2001 Mexico City radio survey will be released in February 2002. Thereafter, Arbitron will deliver monthly reports of the Mexico City audience based on a rolling average of the three most recent months being surveyed. All audience information will be delivered via software applications only.

Short-Wave of Publicity

HILVERSUM, The Netherlands — Jul 05, 2001 — Radio Netherlands has announced that, as of July 1, it will broadcast to North America on all the frequencies being relinquished on same day by the BBC World Service. The publicity campaign is designed to recognize and support the millions of short-wave radio owners in North America who still believe in direct contact with Europe from across the Atlantic.

Radio Netherlands believes in a multimedia mix. With more than 600 stations in North America broadcasting a broad range of music and documentary features, certain Radio Netherlands' programs are already reaching listeners on FM in the USA and Canada.

Fortunately, technical developments mean AM broadcasts will soon have the fidelity of FM. It involves digitising the AM bands over the next few years with a system from Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM). 67 organizations, including manufacturers such as JVC and Sony, back this new global standard. Hearing the demo of digital short-wave is like listening to the difference between a cassette and a compact disc.

Internet is complementary to radio, but doesn't replace it. Audio on the Web is great at playing radio's memory, offering a second chance to listen to a program transmitted earlier. But the current streaming technology is useless at coping with the peak demands of serious live broadcasting. For every 100,000 listeners over the air at any one moment, there are only a few thousand capable of hearing the broadcasts simultaneously on the web.

Radio Netherlands is heard in English to North America every evening between 7:30 to 9:25pm Eastern Daylight Time on 6165 and 9845 kHz. There is an additional one hour program primarily for the West Coast of North America at 9:30 to 10:25pm Pacific Daylight Time on 6165 and 9590 kHz. In addition, there are Radio Netherlands broadcasts in Spanish and Dutch, which are also widely heard in North America.

WWV Surveys Users

BOULDER, CO — Jul 02, 2001 — In an effort to keep its technology current, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is conducting a survey to better understand the needs of WWV/WWVB/WWVH users. A survey is underway, and responses are due by September 30, 2001. Many stations use the WWV stations for time synchronization.

According to NIST, the survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete. (The editors of BE Radio found it to take much less time.) Complete only the sections that pertain to your usage. The online version of the survey is available at



Quincy, IL - Jul 30, 2001 - Broadcast Electronics (BE) announced an agreement to license Internet media software, patents and delivery assets from Everstream, a developer of software for one-to-one targeting audio and video advertising.

Under the licensing agreement, BE will use Everstream's software, technology and related intellectual property to enable radio stations to have online channels and to create, manage and distribute entertainment, news and advertising content on the Internet. BE also acquires Everstream's existing client base of online radio sites and technical delivery assets. This licensing agreement enables BE to bring to market a mature, validated, and patented technology enabling radio programming to be distributed over the Internet.

Musicmusicmusic Partners

Toronto - Jul 27, 2001 - Musicmusicmusic has enlisted Getronics to install and support musicmusicmusic's Web Bar Listening Stations and Galaxy Audio Previewing System across the United States and Canada.

With 47 committed locations, FutureShop - one of musicmusicmusic's current clients - will benefit from Getronics' national presence and support.

Streaming full songs, the Web Bar Listening Post is the most advanced music preview system available on the market today. The Galaxy System, which has been added to the company's product lines, permits users to preview music in 30-second samples instantly from a server located in the store. By December there will also be a video module available to view DVD trailers.

RDA Systems Installs WENZ/WZAK, Cleveland

Cleveland, OH - Jul 26, 2001 - RDA Systems recently assisted Radio One's stations WENZ and WZAK, Cleveland, with an upgrade to digital consoles. The stations were faced with a short deadline that the original project coordinator could not meet.

The project involved moving the WZAK air studio into a newly designated space and upgrading to a Harris Pacific Airwave digital console complete with wiring. The WENZ project involved installing a new Harris Pacific Airwave digital console and rewiring an existing studio.

Broadcast Electronics Awarded Nigerian Contract

Quincy, IL— Jul 25, 2001 — Broadcast Electronics announced the signing of a contract with the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria to supply transmitters and studio equipment for a major new FM radio project in Nigeria. Under the contract signed last week in the capital city of Abuja, Broadcast Electronics will supply, install and commission equipment for 32 new FM stations to be built around the country over the next 18 months. Each radio station installation will include the new FM-20S solid-state transmitter in a main/alternate configuration. Additionally, the production and on-air studios will utilize AudioVault digital automation systems. Northgate Ltd. of Lagos, Nigeria, will assist in the project.

Svetlana Appoints PM Components

St. Petersburg, Russia — Jul 25, 2001 — Tube manufacturer Svetlana, of St Petersburg, Russia, has announced the appointment of PM Components Ltd of Chatham, England, as its primary worldwide distributor of Svetlana glass and ceramic vacuum tubes, effective immediately. A dedicated company, PM of America, in Memphis, TN, has been formed to handle distribution responsibilities for North America. For more information, contact PM of America Inc, Headquarters, Warehouse and Audio Division, 1687 Shelby Oaks Dr, Suite 8, Memphis, TN 38134;; 901-388-2424.

IDC Announces New Orders

OTTAWA, Canada — Jul 18, 2001 — International Datacasting announced new orders totaling more than $2 million CDN. The orders include new customers and extensions of existing systems.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), a longtime IDC customer, has ordered 12 FlexRoute digital audio uplinks to be used in the ongoing conversion of the CBC radio distribution infrastructure to digital technology. This digital system will provide higher quality audio and improved network functionality.

US-based SkyOnline has placed another follow-on order for a SuperFlex uplink system to be used as part of their expanding IP networking business in Latin America. Dong-in Satellite Network, in association with Korea Telecom, placed a sizable order for FlexRoute equipment used in the continued expansion of an existing nationwide satellite network project of the Korean government.

Telenor, of Norway, has placed its first order for the rollout of SR2000 SuperFlex DVB/IP satellite receivers to facilitate a pan-European IP multicasting network.

RDA Systems Completes HBC Miami

St. Louis — Jul 16, 2001 — RDA Systems recently completed a radio studio consolidation project for HBC in Miami. Confirming HBC’s major commitment to the Miami radio market, the project included the design, wiring, and installation of a four-station, 15-studio broadcast facility.

The new complex has a 15-rack technical operations center, four control rooms, three AM talk studios, six production rooms, and two editing booths. There are an additional two racks housed in the penthouse TOC, located in a separate building of the Coral Gables building complex.

RDA arrived in Miami on August, 2000 to begin the installation of the TOC and the 15 pre-wired Studios. Within four weeks, three stations were broadcasting from the new facility. The first two stations to be moved were WRTO-FM and WAMR-FM. WQBA-AM soon followed. WAQI-AM, previously operating from a different building and not under the constraints of a lease deadline, was the last station to be cut-over, on October 29, 2000.

RDA installed four new Harris BMX III-26 consoles for the control rooms and three new BMX-20s for the large production rooms, as well as an SAS 64000 router in the TOC. The studio furniture was provided by Mager Systems of Phoenix. The furniture was delivered to RDA Systems, and the studios were pre-wired in St. Louis.

CRL Completes Acquisition of Avocet Instruments

TEMPE, AZ, and SAN LEANDRO, CA — Jul 12, 2001 — Circuit Research Labs has completed its acquisition of Avocet Instruments, a designer and manufacturer of audio receivers and coders for the Television industry.

Company officials announced that Avocet has finished relocating its operations from Beaverton, OR, to CRL's Tempe, AZ, headquarters. Orban/CRL vice president/COO Jim Seemiller has appointed Kevin Clayborn to the position of product manager for Avocet products.

Eric Lane, formerly CEO of Avocet Instruments Inc., has joined the Orban/CRL marketing and sales team as a consultant.

HHB Appoints New Reps

LOS ANGELES — Jul 12, 2001 — HHB Communications USA has announced that Right Track Marketing, The James Fox Music Company and Sehi Marketing are the latest dealer representatives to carry HHB's product line in the United States.

Right Track Marketing signed on with HHB in April and will deliver the HHB line to the New York metro area.

The James Fox Music Company will represent HHB's products in northern California and parts of northern Nevada. Appointed in January 2001, James Fox Music Company has already had success with the sale of 25 HHB Portadisc Minidisc Recorders to KQED-FM in San Francisco.

Sehi Marketing, based in North Lauderdale, FL, signed on with HHB in January and will handle HHB's presence in Florida and Puerto Rico.

HHB Communications, a distributor and manufacturer of professional audio, music industry equipment and digital recording media, sells products in more than 50 countries and is based in the U.K. with offices in the U.S. and Canada.

XM Satellite Radio Commences Test Program

WASHINGTON, DC — Jul 12, 2001 — XM Satellite Radio commenced a nationwide soft launch test program this week, deploying dozens of teams of testers equipped with XM radios to more than 20 markets across the country, in preparation for its commercial service launch later this summer. With both its high-powered satellites broadcasting from their final geostationary positions, XM is road-testing the XM experience utilizing selected testers comprised of employees and business partners across the nation.

Last month, XM's second satellite, Roll, was formally handed over to XM by Boeing Satellite Systems and began broadcasting as part of the preparation for XM's commercial launch. The satellite, launched May 8, is performing beyond expectations, like its twin Rock. By using two powerful satellites, each with the same nationwide coverage, XM will ensure maximum signal and system reliability.

The July 2001 issue of BE Radio looks at the technology behind satellite radio and the service providers, XM and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Aphex Supplies XACT Radio

SUN VALLEY, CA — Jul 12, 2001 — Aphex Systems, which this year celebrates 26 years in the pro-audio industry, recently supplied a number of signal processors to the XACT Radio Network for use in its new Denver-based production studios and webcasting complex. XACT Radio was established to allow radio stations to retain their listener base by extending an existing brand to the Internet. Currently, NextMedia, Greater Media, Citadel Communications Corp. and Milwaukee Radio Alliance have adopted the XACT service for their stations' streaming strategy. The announcement was made by Aphex president Marvin Caesar.

XACT Radio Network offers a turnkey custom radio service on the station's own Internet site under their own brand. Designed and outfitted by Creative Studio Solutions, XACT's new Denver facility includes two production and two voice-over studios equipped with the following Aphex products: four Aphex Systems model 1100 Thermionics microphone pre-amplifiers (one each for the production and VO studios), four model 622 logic assisted dual-channel expander/gates (used with the quartet of model 1100 pre-amps), plus a model 108 Easy Rider auto compressor, a model 109 two-channel parametric equalizer with tubessence, a model 104 aural exciter, a model 720 Dominator II stereo precision peak limiter and a model 320A Compellor two-channel compressor/leveler shared between the pair of production areas.

XM Opens NY Studios and Offices

WASHINGTON — Jul 9, 2001 — Washington-based XM Satellite Radio opened midtown Manhattan broadcast studios and offices, creating a New York City base where it will produce specific shows and showcase talent. The New York City studio facility will be interconnected with XM's 80-plus-studio broadcast center in Washington.

XM's 5,000-square-foot facility on the fifth floor of the Economist Building, at 111 W. 57th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues, will feature talk studios, production studios and several offices, with accommodations for 10 staff. The complex will begin broadcasting signal next Monday. The building has a long music history. Formerly known as the Steinway Building, it still houses the headquarters of the famed piano maker. XM has a similar studio facility in Nashville at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

In addition to its broadcast studios in Washington, New York and Nashville, XM has offices in Japan, Detroit and Dallas, and a technology center in Boca Raton, FL. XM's Eckington Place headquarters in Washington features one of the world's largest digital broadcast facilities featuring 80-plus state-of-the-art studios and a 2,800-square-foot performance studio.

ENCO Moves Into Expanded Facility

SOUTHFIELD, MI — Jul 9, 2001 — ENCO Systems, a worldwide provider of digital audio delivery systems, announced that it has completed its move into a new office and manufacturing plant in Southfield, MI.

The new building is located a few miles away from the former ENCO Systems building in Farmington Hills, part of the Metro Detroit area. The new building features nearly twice the 13,000 square footage of the current facility. Besides additional space for manufacturing, testing and research and development, the new building allows a greatly enhanced DAD School area for training current and future DADpro32 users.

ENCO Systems performed extensive remodeling and refitting of the building including new phone systems and other infrastructure investments. The new address is 29444 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, MI 48034. ENCO's toll-free phone number remains unchanged at 800-362-6797, but the business line is now 248-827-4440 and fax is now 248-827-4441.

Montreaux Jazz Uses Zephyr Xstream

Montreaux, Switzerland — Jul 6, 2001 — The colorful sounds eminating from the Montreaux Jazz Festival were enjoyed by more ears than usual this year with the help of the Telos Zephyr Xstream. Six of the highest rated stations in Switzerland joined together to retransmit a daily half-hour program with interviews and some songs of the concerts.

The Zephyr Xstream uses the MPEG2 AAC/MPEG4 AAC low delay encoding algorithm. It is the first codec to implement this method. The low delay AAC mode offers quality equivalent to Layer 3 with about 75% less delay (less than 60mS).

The Zephyr Xstream received a BE Radio Pick Hit award at NAB2001.

IDC Selects Aeta Audio

CLAMART, France — Jul 6, 2001 — When manufacture of the RE 660 and 661 audio codecs ceased, many users found they were stumped by compatibility problems with the replacement models on the market. An example was the Canadian firm IDC (International Datacasting Corporation). After an in-depth market survey, IDC chose Aeta Audio and its HIFISCOOP 3 LL to distribute its programs for the years to come.

The decision rested on several determining factors, but primarly, the choice was based on the characteristics that determine the performance of the HIFISCOOP 3 LL and its adaptability to external equipment including low delay 20kHz (ADPCM) at 384kb/s, an integrated sequence channel with no reduction in throughput on the available frame, an audio-linked data channel and remote control via IP with the Aeta Telescoop.

This North American contract is worth 300 deliverable codecs over the next five years. IDC is just one among many operators, such as France Telecom, Nozema (NL) and Swisscom, who order several hundred codecs each year from Aeta Audio.

AKG Announces C4500B-BC Winner

NASHVILLE — Jul 02, 2001 — Marking the NAB debut of its new C4500B-BC broadcast microphone, AKG Acoustics USA announced that Dale Allred, general manager of Uintah Video Productions in Vernal, UT, won the C4500B-BC given away at NAB2001. Allred took delivery of the microphone at the beginning of June and has already put it to good use.

The C4500B-BC is a large diaphragm condenser microphone, specifically designed to meet the needs of broadcasters, such as a front-end firing capsule position, electro-magnetic screening, internal pop-filter and no need for additional outboard processing. The microphone's transformerless output makes it immune to harmful electro-magnetic fields while its all-metal housing and double-screening of all acoustically open sections provides even greater shielding capability. Look for a Field Report on the C4500B-BC in the August issue of BE Radio.

Arbitron Buys RADAR Audience Measurement

NEW YORK CITY — Jul 2, 2001 — Arbitron Inc. announced that it has purchased the RADAR radio network audience measurement service of Statistical Research Inc. (SRI) of Westfield, NJ, for $25 million, payable over two years.

RADAR (Radio's All Dimension Audience Research) is a national radio ratings service that measures audiences listening to radio commercials aired on 29 radio networks operated by ABC, American Urban Radio Networks, Premiere and Westwood One. The service produces its estimates using a 12-month, 12,000-person telephone survey in combination with the industry-standard commercial clearance system.

Arbitron indicated that it will initially maintain the RADAR service as it is today. At the same time, Arbitron will work with the networks, agencies and advertisers to enhance the RADAR service by taking advantage of Arbitron's enormous diary database.

Arbitron surveys more than 1.3 million radio listeners in more than 3,500 counties across the United States in the course of its local market radio ratings surveys in 286 markets throughout the year.

Both the Arbitron Local Market Radio Ratings Service and the RADAR Radio Network Ratings service are accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC). Arbitron intends to maintain the MRC accreditation for the RADAR service throughout the transition from a telephone-based survey to a diary-based survey. In the short term, SRI will conduct telephone interviewing for the RADAR service under contract to Arbitron.

As part of the purchase agreement, a number of SRI employees who work on the RADAR service become Arbitron employees and will continue to work at RADAR's current offices in Westfield. Arbitron also obtains the processing software used to produce the network radio ratings database and the RADAR PC 2010 desktop application used by networks, agencies and advertisers to analyze the RADAR audience data. SRI has agreed to work with Arbitron to adapt the RADAR processing software to the Arbitron diary survey method.

Gale Metzger and Gerald Glasser, the two principals of SRI, will continue in their roles at SRI while working closely with Arbitron during the transition.

Harris Acquires Hirschmann Multimedia

MELBOURNE, FL — Jul 2, 2001 — Harris Corporation announced that it has completed the acquisition of the Hirschmann Multimedia Communications Network (MCN) business, a manufacturer of European-standard DVB-T and DAB transmitters and digital cable systems. The acquisition was completed on June 30, 2001.

Hirschmann MCN is based in Rankweil, Austria, and becomes part of Harris Corporation's Broadcast Communications Division. Hirschmann MCN has sales in calendar year 2000 of $26 million.

Harris has supplied well over 60% of all DTV transmitters operating in the United States, but has lacked the DVB-T transmitters needed to serve two-thirds of the world's remaining digital television transmitter market. Additionally, Harris, at the forefront of developing U.S.-standard IBOC digital radio transmitters, has lacked the European standard DAB transmitters - an area in which Hirschmann has significant market share.

WorldNet Rio Wins its First Major Order

Belfast - Finnish broadcaster Digita has placed an order for 15 WorldNet Rio’s, the new digital audio codec from Belfast-based Audio Processing Technology. Digita, established in 1999 as a separate subsidiary of the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE), provides terrestrial radio and television broadcasting in Finland and owns and maintains a nationwide broadcasting network consisting of 38 main stations, 167 substations and 40 transmission link stations.

With digital television broadcasting due to start in Finland later this year, Digita is currently involved in constructing and operating the country’s digital terrestrial television network. Initially there will be three multiplexes managed by YLE, MTV Oy and Swelcom Oy, which will broadcast 13 digital channels. Analogue television transmission of existing channels will run in parallel with the digital channels until at least the end of 2006.

Aimed primarily at broadcast and post production markets, the WorldNet Rio is a 1U box that is smaller than existing APT products and offers superior audio quality, reduced delay time and improved reliability. Incorporating APT’s enhanced version of apt-X, the WorldNet Rio offers 20 and 24-bit operation as an extension to the performance of the company’s original 16-bit algorithm. It also features one X21 main line and one X21 as back up, ensuring that in the event of main line failing it will automatically switch to back up.


AKG Appoints Market

Nashville - Jul 31, 2001 - AKG Acoustics appointed Kevin Madden market development manager for the U.S. sound reinforcement market. Madden, who previously held the position of Eastern regional sales manager at AKG, immediately assumes responsibilities for product development, market development and services and support of customers in the U.S. live sound and installed sound markets. The announcement was made by Tracy Cranton, AKG vice president of market development.

Madden joined AKG Acoustics as technical services manager in 1996, having previously served as customer service administrator in the service department of sister company, JBL Professional in Northridge, CA. An accomplished guitarist, FOH and monitor engineer, Madden has toured nationally and internationally. Bronxville, NY, native Madden served as resident sound engineer at world-famous Los Angeles venues including the House of Blues and the Whiskey A Go-Go from 1989 to 1996, and continues to occasionally work in local Nashville venues.

Crown Hires Regional Sales Managers

Elkhart, IN — Jul 27, 2001 - Crown Audio has rounded out its domestic sales organization with the addition of two new regional sales managers. Jonathan Parker has been named eastern regional sales manager for Crown Audio, while Loren Robinson has been named western regional. Both individuals report to Deb Frantom, Crown Audio director of U.S. sales, who made the announcement.

Parker comes to Crown with more than a dozen years of audio industry experience at ASPI Digital, Bose Corporation and TOA. He possesses a Masters degree in International Management/Marketing as well as a Bachelors degree Business Administration. Parker's regional office is located in Lawrenceville, GA.

Robinson also has an extensive pro audio background, which includes serving as a Crown representative in Southern California for many years. He additionally has had considerable experience in contracting, systems design, management and training. Robinson is based in Simi Valley, CA.

Troy Bornman continues to carry on in his current role as Crown Audio's central regional sales manager.

IBiquity Establishes Advisory Board

COLUMBIA, MD, and WARREN, NJ — Jul 18, 2001 — IBiquity Digital announced that it has formed a Broadcaster Rollout Advisory Board to provide guidance and intra-industry support for the implementation of iBiquity Digital's IBOC (In-Band On-Channel) digital AM and FM broadcasting technology.

The Board has been chartered to provide technical and operational input to iBiquity Digital to help the company better educate the broadcast community about IBOC technology, promote the adoption of IBOC in the US and fully exploit its potential.

Members of the board were selected from a cross section of the radio broadcast community to represent the diverse technical and organizational characteristics of AM and FM stations located throughout the United States.

Members of the board include:

  • Dale Fedorchik, vice president and regional engineer Eastern States, Citadel Communications

  • Bert Goldman, vice president of engineering, Radio Division, ABC

  • Eugene Hale, chief engineer, WSBT Stations, South Bend, Indiana

  • Alan Kirschner, vice president of engineering, Big City Radio

  • Hal Kneller, president, Heartland Broadcasting Corporation

  • Don Lockett, vice president and chief technology officer, National Public Radio

  • Hal Widsten, owner and general manager, KWED AM, San Antonio, Texas

  • Jeff Detweiler, broadcast technology manager, iBiquity Digital

  • Scott Stull, director of broadcast business development, iBiquity Digital

  • Glynn Walden, vice president of broadcast engineering, iBiquity Digital

Crown Names New President

Elkhart, IN — Jul 17, 2001 — Blake W. Augsburger has recently been appointed to serve as president of Crown Audio. The announcement came from Mark Terry, Harman Professional Group president.

AugsburgerReporting to Terry, Augsburger is responsible for overseeing and directing the entire Crown Audio operation. The manufacturer's three vice presidents (engineering, marketing and sales) and three senior vice presidents (financial, manufacturing and human resources) all now report directly to Augsburger.

Prior to joining Crown, Augsburger was vice president and general manager for two high voltage test and measurement equipment manufacturers - Hipotronics of Brewster, New York and Haefely Test AG of Basel, Switzerland - both Hubbell Incorporated companies. His seven-year tenure with Hubbell, which also included VP positions in engineering, operations and worldwide sales and marketing, was preceded by five years spent with San Diego's Maxwell Laboratories, specialists in pulsed power technologies.

Augsburger possesses Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX.

Gentner Names VP of Sales

SALT LAKE CITY — Jul 12, 2001 — Gentner Communications announced it has named Timothy J. Morrison as its vice president of sales. Morrison will be responsible for increasing sales across all product lines and for initiating new sales programs designed to leverage the synergies between Gentner's products and services.

Morrison has 20 years of direct sales, marketing and top-level management experience. He most recently was general manager of privately held Baldwin Steel (Jersey City, NJ). Prior to Baldwin Steel, Morrison was president and chief executive officer of Leeco Steel Products (Chicago), also a privately held steel company. In addition, he spent more than 15 years in various management and sales positions with Bethlehem Steel (Bethlehem, PA), one of the nation's largest integrated steel companies. Morrison graduated from Fordham University.

Soundcraft USA Names Wunschel

Nashville, TN — Jul 10, 2001 — Scott Wunschel has been appointed to serve as western regional sales manager for Soundcraft USA. Tom Der, Soundcraft USA national sales manager, made the announcement.

Prior to his appointment, Wunschel spent nearly two years at Soundcraft's worldwide headquarters and manufacturing facility in England acting as Spirit's sales manager for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Before that, he was with Spirit by Soundcraft in Rocklin, CA for four years serving as administration manager and, eventually, regional sales manager. Wunschel had also been employed with Plus Four Marketing in the Bay area following his pro audio industry beginnings at Skip's Music in Sacramento.

In the role of western regional sales manager, Wunschel is now providing sales support for all of Soundcraft's US rep firms and retailers west of the Mississippi River. Greg Addington continues to carry on in his current capacity of eastern regional sales manager, with Tom Der overseeing the entire US sales operation.

CommScope Names Edwards to High Post

Jul 5, 2001 — CommScope announced that Eddie Edwards, formerly president of Alcatel's RFS subsidiary, has been named executive vice president-strategic development of CommScope and president of its wireless products group.

Since 1999, Edwards served as president of Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a subsidiary of Alcatel with worldwide operations, which manufactures antennas and cable systems and RF subassemblies for wireless infrastructure.

From 1996-1999, he was president of Alcatel NA Cable Systems, the North American arm of Alcatel's cable business. Prior to that, he held positions in Alcatel as chief financial officer of cable operations in the Americas and assumed additional responsibility as Americas area manager for Alcatel Cable in 1997. Edwards joined Alcatel in 1986 as vice president of planning, which involved work in acquisitions and divestitures. Edwards began his business career with First Union National Bank in 1972 where he held various positions.

Edwards is a 1971 graduate of Clemson University and holds a BA degree in economics. He is a past director of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), a national organization for telecommunications manufacturers.

NTI Montreal Appoints Managing Director

SCHAAN, Liechtenstein, and MONTREAL — Jul 2, 2001 — NTI AG announced the appointment of Susan Imeson as its managing director for the North American Operation, NTI (Montreal). Imeson's appointment is effective immediately.

Imeson's most recent position with NTI (Montreal) was that of director of administration. She takes over the management responsibilities from Vincent Desouza, who is no longer with the NTI group.

NTI develops highly qualified and customized measurement systems for the pro audio- and telecommunications industry. NTI's main product lines are the Minstruments, the A-Series audio analyzers and the Rapid Test voice frequency production line test systems. The headquarters of NTI are in the Principality of Liechtenstein. A NTI-subsidiary in Montreal serves the North-American Market.

Andrew Promotes Cox

ORLAND PARK, IL — Jul 2, 2001 — Andrew Corporation announced that it has promoted Paul R. Cox to group president, communication products.

In his new position, Cox has global responsibility for Andrew Corporation's satellite products and systems, government antennas, terrestrial microwave and ValuLine antennas, broadcast products, rigid and elliptical waveguide, and pressurization products.

Cox joined Andrew in September 2000 as vice president, satellite products/systems and government antennas. In November 2000 he became vice president, communication products and was elected to group president, communication products in February 2001.

Cox's telecommunications industry experience includes 16 years at EMS Technologies, most recently as vice president and general manager of the space and technology group/Atlanta. He holds a BSEE from Auburn University in Alabama and an M.S. in the same discipline from Southern Methodist University, Dallas.

Klotz Digital Adds Armstrong

Atlanta — May 21, 2001 — Jim Armstrong has joined the Klotz Digital sales team as sales engineer. The announcement was made by Ramon Espaolini, managing director of Klotz Digital America. As sales engineer, Armstrong will concentrate on operations within the U.S. sales market. Armstrong will also aid in broadcast product design and development, market research and technical presentations to broadcast groups.

Armstrong most recently held the position of national sales manager for Burk Technology where he was responsible for sales, systems configurations and the hiring and training of sales support teams. Prior to his work with Burk, Armstrong operated as broadcast sales manager for Gentner Communications and has amassed a strong knowledge of the broadcast industry through his experiences as station manager and technician, On-Air talent and producer.

Internet Watch

Clear Channel Selects Globix

Jul 18, 2001 — Globix Corporation ( announced that Clear Channel Interactive ( has selected Globix to host and manage the systems infrastructure for a significant portion of its online business.

Clear Channel Interactive is a division of Clear Channel Worldwide, which owns or operates approximately 1,170 radio and 19 television stations in the United States and has equity interests in more than 240 radio stations internationally.

The company also operates some 700,000 outdoor advertising displays around the world and produces 25,000 shows and events annually. The company had previously hosted all its online radio web sites in-house.

The custom solution provided by Globix includes complex hosting of the Clear Channel network's software with monitoring, reporting, management and security services. Globix is also designing and building the network architecture for Clear Channel's offerings.

Musicmatch and RIAA Sign Webcast Licensing Deal

SAN DIEGO and WASHINGTON, DC — Jul 17, 2001 — Musicmatch and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced the signing of a licensing agreement for music performances broadcast on the Musicmatch Radio service.

Musicmatch has been operating its radio service since November 2000 under the statutory webcasting license provided by the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The program provider's agreement with the RIAA establishes terms for the webcasting of music performances on the Musicmatch Radio service under the DMCA statutory license.

Musicmatch Radio streams more than 4.0 million aggregate tuning hours of music programming to 828,000 unique listeners each month.

Activate Selects Symetrix

LYNWOOD, WA — Jul 12, 2001 — Activate selected Symetrix equipment to manage audio signals in its large digital content facility, Activate Grand Central. Capable of managing and streaming thousands of simultaneous audio and video signals over the Internet, Activate Grand Central employs hundreds of Symetrix 422 Automatic Gain Control levelers to optimize signal levels.

To meet the needs of enterprise and high bandwidth customers, Activate Grand Central was designed to be scalable and flexible, supporting a variety of webcast events. Doyle Technology Consultants, familiar with the Internet space, worked with Activate engineering to convert the historic 1914 building into an advanced digital content facility designed for Internet media, including equipment installation and integration.

Activate Grand Central features the latest in networking interfaces, allowing a single operator to manage and control hundreds of encode computers, source signal routing, and QC monitoring, including the input audio level of each stream. To maximize efficiency, Activate and Doyle Technology selected Symetrix 422 to manage audio signal levels.

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