Benztown Partners With Radionomy

July 31, 2014

BURBANK, CALIF., and BRUSSELS— Benztown has entered into a promotional partnership with online radio platform Radionomy.

The partnership includes: the creation of a dedicated Benztown online radio station, promotional packages, and select Benztown imaging offerings and educational webinars to be made available to Radionomy broadcasters.

The first Radionomy webinar showcasing Benztown''s imaging expertise was presented August 30, featuring Justin Case, vice president of programming for Benztown, who shared best practices for creating a radio brand through imaging.

Radionomy and Benztown will also offer the radio stations on the Radionomy platform discounts and special customization packages.

As part of the promotional partnership with Radionomy, Benztown has utilized the Radionomy creative platform to program a 24/7 station of top hits, seamlessly integrating its hand-crafted radio customization and creative audio branding. The result is a great listening experience and a marketing tool for Benztown''s 20 imaging libraries and custom services.

Radionomy is now engaged with one in every two online radio stations, after this year''s earlier acquisitions of SHOUTcast and Winamp from AOL, as well as TargetSpot.

Radionomy and Benztown will also team up to offer the radio stations on the Radionomy platform discounts and special customization packages to take full advantage of this new promotional partnership.

Benztown is an international radio imaging, production library, programming and voiceover services company with over 1,900 affiliations on six different continents. Benztown also provides custom voice-over and imaging services across all formats, including commercial voice-over and copywriting services.

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