BIA/Kelsey: WTOP Leads Radio Station Revenues for Fourth Consecutive Year

March 26, 2014

Chantilly, VA - Mar 26, 2014 - For the fourth consecutive year, Hubbard Radio's all-news station, WTOP, remained the country's top revenue producer in 2013, according to the first edition of BIA/Kelsey'sInvesting In Radio Market Report, a quarterly report published by BIA/Kelsey. The Washington, DC, station, which operates beyond the traditional over-the-air model, took in $63.5 million in advertising revenues, as overall industry revenues remained near 2012 levels at $14.8 billion.

"WTOP is morphing into a digital media company by providing access to its audience in many different ways beyond over-the-air," said Mark Fratrik, senior vice president and chief economist, BIA/Kelsey. "Its approach is serving them well and its model demonstrates that as the industry continues to adopt a multi-platform approach, it will engage audiences and sustain growth."

The top four highest-revenue radio stations appeared in the same list in 2012. New York's WLTW moved up from seventh to the fifth spot, with $45 million in billings. Los Angeles station KBIG leapt from 13 in 2012 to seven, with $44.5 million in revenues. Four of the top 10 stations have an all-news format. WFAN in New York, with $43 million in ad sales, is the only sports/talk station in the top 10.

Call LettersFormatOwnerRankMarketEstimated Station Revenue 2013 (x1,000)
WTOP-FMNewsHubbard RadioWashington, DC$63,500
KIIS-FMCHRClear ChannelLos Angeles, CA$61,600
WHTZ-FMCHRClear ChannelNew York, NY$51,000
WCBS-AMNewsCBSNew York, NY$50,500
WLTW-FMLite ACClear ChannelNew York, NY$45,500
WINS-AMNewsCBSNew York, NY$45,000
KBIG-FMHot ACClear ChannelLos Angeles, CA$44,500
WFAN-AMSports/TalkCBSNew York, NY$43,000
KROQ-FMAlternativeCBSLos Angeles, CA$42,800
WBBM-AMNewsCBSChicago, IL$42,000
source: BIA/Kelsey

In 2013, overall radio revenues from over-the-air were $14.3 billion, with online generating $570 million. BIA/Kelsey forecasts both sources of income to continue growing at a slight pace over the next few years, reaching $16.7 billion in 2018, on par with what over-the-air produced on its own 10 years ago.

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