Britain's Ofcom Solicits Comments on FM to DAB Switchover

May 2, 2013

London - Jun 22 - Ofcom (the UK-equivalent to the FCC) has published a solicitation for comments (or what it calls consultation) regarding DAB coverage throughout the UK, and the proposed complete switchover from FM to DAB in 2015. Previously, the UK government published a Digital Radio Action Plan, the purpose of which is to "to provide the information to allow for a well-informed decision by government on whether to proceed with a radio switchover." With respect to the consultation, Ofcom intends to do the following:

  • Define the areas in which DAB coverage should match that of FM.
  • Review the underlying technical assumptions that have been used to predict acceptable levels of FM and DAB coverage for bothindoor portable and in-vehicle radios.
  • Study the extent of FM coverage inside the areas in which it is determined that DAB coverage should match that of FM.
  • Study the feasibility of different switchover scenarios, from a broadcast network perspective, showing how increasing levels of coverage can be achieved by use of more transmitters.

    Comments from stakeholders (broadcasters and listenersalike) are due by Sept. 14, 2011. The entire request for consultation can be read Online.

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