Burli Updates Radio Newsroom System

May 2, 2011

Burnaby, BC - Apr 16, 2011 - Burli Software has updated its Radio Newsroom System with a gameport replacement for Windows 7 users, tracking for item runs, iPhone newsgathering, and more. For customers who used a gameport as a simple, inexpensive way to receive contact closures, Windows 7 no longer supports gameports -- even if you still have the hardware. But Burli now supports SeaLevel 8100 series devices -- reliable, inexpensive USB boxes that support a couple of GPIs.

Keep track of how many times an item runs. Burli now optionally keeps track of how many times a cut is played on the air in newscasts.

Gather news with an iPhone and send it into Burli from the field. Burli's integration with popular apps from Vericorder means copy, actuality or complete wraps created on an iPhone appear automatically in Burli, ready for use.

Other updates include: Send complete rundowns (stories and audio) between cities with expanded Virtual Newsroom scripts features; automatic data snapshots for disaster recovery; embargo podcasts created inside Burli until you want them published; support for additional audio formats including M4A, AIFF, and AIFC; and auto-normalize audio exported to common automation systems.

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