Burns and Associates Study: Digital Radio Listening Among Women

July 20, 2012

Orange Beach, AL - Jul 19, 2012 - Alan Burns and Associates report on the radio listening habits of women ("Here She Comes 2012") has some interesting findings regarding how women are using radio, and what they know (and don't know) about HD Radio. While the amount of listening off-air to AM or FM radio has decreased among women year over year, the amount of listening either by cell-phone or online is increasing. The sum total of all three methods shows an increase in radio listening year over year (page 58).

HD Radio awareness among women remains flat year over year (25 percent). Of the 25 percent of respondents that were aware of HD Radio, 51.7 percent knew HD Radio offered programming unavailable on AM or FM. That percentage is flat year over year. Of that same 25 percent, 49.5 percent know that a different radio is needed for HD Radio reception (up year over year); and finally, of that same 25 percent, 31.1 percent know that you don't need to pay a special fee for HD Radio (also up year over year). These details can be seen on pages 60 and 61.

The percentage of those realizing they have an HD Radio was up year over year: 3.9 percent vs 2.4 percent (Page 65).

Read the full report online.

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