BW Acquires Danagger Audio Works

August 28, 2008

Vancouver, BC, and London, UK - Aug 28, 2008 - BW Broadcast has acquired Danagger Audio Works and the rights to the Plan B line of dead-air prevention devices. The agreement, which was signed after a series of recent meetings at BW's London offices, also sparks a collaboration between BW Broadcast and Danagger founder Rob Robson.

The deal provides BW with the exclusive rights to produce a self-contained audio loss protection system. Included in the deal was an arrangement for Robson to design a series of new products for BW Broadcast, including an updated version of the Plan B.

Support for legacy Plan B products will be handled by Robson through the Danagger website. In addition, BW plans to create a trade-in program to allow broadcasters with older units to receive a discount on the new products. No delivery date has been set for the new Plan Bs, but development work has begun in earnest.

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