BW Broadcast Ships DSPX-AM

January 30, 2009

London - Jan 30, 2009 - BW Broadcast has released the AM version of its flagship audio processor. The DSPX-AM includes a wideband window-gated AGC, a four-band window-gated AGC and a four-band limiter that is followed by an oversampled distortion-controlled clipper. A separate look-ahead final limiter allows simultaneous full 20 kHz processing for digital radio.

Like its little brother, the DSPX Mini-AM, it also features adjustable low-pass filtering to accommodate all AM standards, high frequency equalization, asymmetrical clipping, low frequency transmitter tilt compensation and a tone generator to facilitate easy installation and adjustment. A range of factory presets were designed to produce loud and intelligible sound for talk radio as well as achieve the best fidelity on music formats. The DSPX-AM is 1RU with front-panel LED metering that is also remote controllable via TCP/IP or direct serial connection.

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