BW Broadcast Transmitter Survives Tire Damage

August 24, 2010

London - Aug 23, 2010 - BW Broadcast, manufacturer of transmitters used worldwide, recently received a TX5 being returned for repair because of "damage." The 5W model had in fact been run over. With tire marks on the transmitter's packaging, the entire rear of the unit had been squashed flat. Only the front panel remained unscathed.

After replacing the IEC power socket (not the power supply), so a power cord could be connected, the transmitter was connected to a dummy load and powered up. The TX5 worked. The repair team left it on test for a couple of hours to get a fair reflection of the effect of the damage and two hours later the TX5 was still running at 5W. The unit now resides in the BW Broadcast product showroom and is also used for testing.

The customer received a new TX5.

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