Commercial Radio Australia Chair: Terrestrial Radio Has Nothing to Fear from Internet

October 17, 2011

Brisbane, Australia - Oct 14, 2011 - Traditional radio broadcasters have nothing to fear from Internet listening, at least according to Cathy O'Connor, the chairperson of Commercial Radio Australia, and CEO of DMG Australia. O'Connor opened the 2011 National Radio Conference by telling the audience, "To those who say that the radio over the Internet will overtake broadcast radio I have just one thing to say: it won't!

"The fact is there is not, and is unlikely to be in our lifetimes, enough bandwidth for reliable, robust, good quality services that can do what broadcast can do -- that is, effectively communicate simultaneously, free to air and dependably to hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people, anywhere, anytime.

"The success of free to air broadcast digital radio has demonstrated that, in spite of the cynics, our listeners are still very engaged with broadcast radio and will adopt a new broadcast technology to get better free to air access to more of the content they know and love."

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