Comrex STAC VIP Passes Skype Certification

June 12, 2012

Devens, MA - Jun 12, 2012 - The Comrex STAC VIP VoIP call management systems for talk shows has passed qualification by Skype?to allow it to process Skype calls alongside all other calls for radio call-in shows. Certification means the STAC VIP meets the guidelines to be?called "Plugged into Skype" and can carry the Skype logo.

"Skype support was an important factor in development of the VIP product," says Tom Hartnett, technical director at Comrex. "Skype by its nature carries very high fidelity audio when being used between Skype clients. Skype support means stations that use STAC-VIP for their call-ins can take wideband calls from anyone who has Skype installed on his PC or smartphone."

In addition, STAC VIP allows Skype calls to be conferenced with other non-Skype callers as well as those using the Comrex VIP QC app for smartphones, which also provides high fidelity.

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