Comscore Survey: Consumers Want HD Radio in Mobile Phones

March 24, 2010

Las Vegas - CTIA - Mar 23, 2010 - Ibiquity Digital unveiled the results of a recent Comscore study that shows consumers are interested and willing to pay a premium for HD Radio technology as a handset feature.

  • 68 percent of consumers surveyed are "interested" or "extremely interested" in mobile phones that include HD Radio technology.
  • 75 percent of those who own a mobile phone would listen to HD Radio broadcasts via their mobile phone.
  • $42 is the value premium consumers attribute to HD Radio Technology in mobile phones.

    Bob Struble, president and CEO of iBiquity, has been touting the efficiency of terrestrial broadcasting with its one-to-many method. Struble said, "With social media and other bandwidth-intensive applications proliferating over mobile phones, the strain on the mobile network is enormous, causing slower download rates and a frustrating consumer experience. Adding HD Radio technology into mobile handsets helps reduce the usage overload on the network, which enables consumers to do more -- faster -- with their mobile devices."

    Ibiquity also says HD Radio technology will also drive new revenue streams and business opportunities for carriers and radio broadcasters. Through synchronized audio billboards, marketing tools like Info Plus that link directly to specific information about products and services and closed-loop e-commerce, the HD Radio channel can support banner ads; call-to-action phone numbers and URLs; enhanced audio advertising; promotional e-mails, short message services (SMS); and coupons.

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