Crown Updates FM-E3000 and FM E-5000 Transmitters

February 13, 2014

Elkhart, IN - Feb 13, 2014 - The latest development in Crown's FM-E3000 and FM E-5000 transmitters offers centralized management from the direct-to-channel digital exciter. With the latest release v1.2.0, the exciter performs RF power management of a modular transmitter running several FM amplifiers. It enables:
#9632; Monitoring and setting of the total output power
#9632; Automatic compensation in case of RF power loss on any amplifier module
#9632; VSWR trip for total output power

The modular 5kW design with three 2kW amplifiers and an FM splitter and coupler provides redundancy. Should an amplifier fail, the transmitters will still provide more than 2.5kW on air. Dual Drive is also available.

Other features of the series include efficiency of up to 70 percent, direct-to-channel digital modulator, remote analysis and control by TCP/IP, Advanced Measurement Interface, silence detection and intelligent failover, stereo encoder, RDS encoder and FM limiter.

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