CSA Releases List of New DAB Broadcasters for Paris, Marseille, Nice

October 9, 2012

Paris - Oct 2, 2012 - The CSA has finally released its selection of broadcasters for the launch of DAB in Paris, Marseille, and Nice, according to Les Echos. In spring 2012, the CSA published a timetable for the calls for applications for other cities, but as of yet, the calls have not been forthcoming.

Now that the selections are published, the CSA has twomonths to negotiate with the award recipients and to then issue licenses. The agency expects these issues to be taken care of by early 2013, about the same time multiplex transmitter facilities are ready.

The selections will allow some current broadcasters toexpand, while allowing new companies to get in the game. One interesting pick is Goom Radio, which started life as an Internet-only radio source. It has received approval for all three cities. Euronews intends to diversify its means of dissemination by adding DAB. Trace TV will add Trace Radio. Hearsay FM will add two offshoots: Collector FM radio and My Generation.

Conspicuous by their absence are Radio France and the private radio groups RTL, NRJ and NextradioTV.

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