Currents Headlines from the October 2010 Issue

October 1, 2010

The online headlines from the October 2010 issue of Radio magazine.

October 2010 issue cover

Attend 129th AES Convention Exhibits for Free

Exhibits are open Nov 5-7, 2010.

Yamaha Ships W24 and C24 Portable Recorders
The Pocketrak recorders have been revamped with new models and features.

NAB Leaders: Consumers Deserve Radio-capable Cell Phones
Steve Newberry and Caroline Beasley sent letters to the House and Senate leaders for the Judiciary and the Commerce committees to clarify their views.

Mike Erickson Joins Vorsis
Erickson began his broadcasting career in 1991 at a small AM station on Long Island where he soon developed a love for manipulating audio with processors.

Orban Flagship Processor Optimod-FM 8600 Now Shipping
The significant update in the processor is the 8600's improved peak limiter technology that decreases distortion while increasing transient punch and high-frequency power handling capacity.

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