Debate over DAB+ Trial Funding Continues in Germany

June 17, 2009

While countries like Australia are now firmly committed to a national rollout of DAB+ digital radio, an embrace of that technology is far from being a sure thing in the Federal Republic of Germany, according to a recent article in

At issue is the proposed commitment of approximately 30 million Euros in licensing fees to construction and testing of a national DAB+ multiplex, a move championed by public broadcasting network ARD, Germany's counterpart to our NPR. Standing in opposition are commercial radio groups, represented by the VPRT, that worry about the increased transmission costs and heavy capitalization loads that construction of a national multiplex would impose.

Not surprisingly, the conflict between the two groups comes as commercial radio suffers from a global recession and an uncertain business model as media convergence alters consumer behavior.

Observers anticipate no immediate movement by either group in the current impasse.

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