Denmark's Open Channel to Transmit with DVB-T2 Lite

November 9, 2011

Copenhagen - Aug 30, 2011 - Danish Broadcaster Open Channel has obtained a trial license to broadcast digital radio on a 1.7MHz bandwidth channel in the greater Copenhagen area. It will be done with the transmission standard known as DVB-T2 Lite, a subset of the DVB-T2 European digital TV standard.

Open Channel believes that this method will exhibit between 2.5 and 4 times more capacity as compared to DAB or DAB+, and that additionally it will be better suited for both indoor and in-car reception. Kenneth Wenzel, CEO of Open Channel, said, "As far as we're concerned there are some fundamental advantages of DVB-T2 Lite over DAB, which means that the future of digital radio will be based upon DVB-T2 Lite. Using this profile saves battery life at the receiver, enables the transmission of many more channels, provides increased robustness, and can easily be retro-fitted to the existing DVB-T2infrastructure."

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