Digital JukeBox Appoints Ron Paley Broadcast as Business Consultants

November 17, 2011

Ron Paley (l) and Jim Barcus

Ron Paley (l) and Jim Barcus

Nov 17, 2011 - In September 2011, Jim Barcus of Digital Jukebox and Ron Paley of Ron Paley Broadcast formalized a strategic appointment agreement that provides Digital JukeBox infrastructure for sales, marketing, financing and support and in return, granting the exclusive distribution of Digital JukeBox software and services to Ron Paley Broadcast.

The arrangement also provides Barcus with more time to develop Digital JukeBox software while day-to-day DJB operations, the current Digital JukeBox client base and new future users gain the radio broadcast software and support expertise of Ron Paley Broadcast's Associates.

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